SARUG June & July Meeting Content

June 9, 2010

Our June Meeting will be at CADSoft on June 24th and will cover all the new features of 2011 Architecture and MEP or at least all the cool features.  We’ll also address bugs and builds for this version so if you have made the jump to 2011 and have any kudos, issues or concerns please bring them to the meeting to discuss.
Regarding our July meeting, which will be at Breckenridge on the 22nd, David Joslin will be giving us a presentation on a portion of his masters thesis that deals with the trend towards Cloud Computing and a prototypical (Design to Facilities Management) interface.   I’ve seen this portion of his presentation and it’s very cool.  In keeping with this visionary theme I would like to open the floor to how you as a Revit user are pushing the capabilities of Revit so if you have a Revit family, technique or Revit based production process that is innovative or is out of the box and would like to discuss it please let me know so we can get you on the schedule.
It can be as simple as a Candle, which employs unique settings to achieve a sense of realism or a dynamic family that has unusual form flexibility.  Or it can be technique similar to Jake’s book matched section process that enhances the visual communication of the project.   If you think it’s cool and unique we want to see it!  Also as always if you have animations or renderings you would like to present please bring them as well.


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  1. So, I had a cloud computing presentation in my Web Architecture class yesterday. Did you know that Tucson is only 750 miles from San Francisco? (according to some google or yahoo page)? Therefore, I think it would be cool to try sometime! http://bimboom.blogspot.com/2009/09/revit-available-for-cloud.html

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