Arrays Less Than 2?

July 6, 2010

Carl found this interesting post over on the Malleristic Revitation blog site. In fact, Carl will demo this during the next SARUG meeting.

Arrays Less Than 2?
Recently someone on AUGI was looking to array an element in a family, but the array kept collapsing when the value got pushed down to less than 2. It is unfortunate that Revit will not “store” a dimension between the first element and the hypotehtical second (in case the second goes away) but cest la vie.

One comment

  1. I have encountered this in the past and have played with arrays in conjunction with formulas. I think it is possible to enter a formula that will not allow the array to be less than 2. ie: if array < 2 = 2. Then you have the issue of dealing with the array spacing. Going more complex utilizing a similar method for physical model arrays (not 2d graphic ones as scheduling is less of an issue) I have seen an interesting use of nested models which get swapped out for a blank nested model if the element does not exist. This prevents schedules from "miss counting" elements that could be stacked on each other. Phil Read had a window glazing spider family that did this. It was a neat trick.

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