SARUG June Meeting Follow-up

July 12, 2010

Good afternoon All,

I want to extend a thank you to the crew at CADSoft (Chris, Dave & Michael) for putting together the presentation & refreshments at out June meeting as well as Shannon for her coordination efforts and Tim for hosting our meeting at their Tucson office.  We really appreciate all your efforts to support the design community.
I apologize for getting this email out so late.  I wanted to make sure the video posts to the SARUG channel were up and working properly. We had a successful record of the presentation both video and audio this time and I’ve been working on improving the uploads to the channel but unfortunately the quality on Livestream is still substandard.  Probably associated with the fee we pay $0.00.  So I looked into Youtube and Vimeo as alternative channel platforms but unfortunately they don’t offer the upload capacity of Livestream. I currently have an inquiry into Livestream Tech support to see if we are stuck with the low quality or can improve the playback somehow.
Our blog is up and operating (Thank you Kirk) and we are currently working on setting up multiple managers to improve the posting dynamics. A few suggestions came up during the meeting that we are considering implementing on the Blog and I met with Kirk and Steve at lunch today to discuss additional tweaks.   As we move forward with the Blog (https://sarevitusergroup.wordpress.com/ ) we will ultimately cease these email notifications and will be relying on the Blog to keep you up to speed.  As such I would recommend that you subscribe to the RSS feed through the link at the bottom of the Blog page which will add the page to your “Feeds” list of your browser and you should subscribe to an email notification service like Feed My Inbox where you can associate your email to the blog URL of  https://sarevitusergroup.wordpress.com/feed/ . This will send you an email as the Blog is updated with content and our meeting notices. This service is free for up to 5 RSS feeds.

Our next meeting will be at Breckenridge, the architectural office, not the brewery on Thursday July 22nd 
Meeting Content:
David Joslin will be giving us a presentation on a portion of his master’s thesis that deals with the trend towards Cloud Computing and
a prototypical (Design to Facilities Management) interface.  
Open Floor: “Pushing the Revit Envelope”
If you have a Revit family, technique or Revit based production process that is innovative or is out of the box and would like to discuss it please let me know so we can get you on the schedule. It can be as simple as a Candle, which employs unique settings to achieve a sense of realism or a dynamic family that has unusual form flexibility.  Or it can be technique similar to Jake’s book matched section process that enhances the visual communication of the project.   If you think it’s cool and unique we want to see it! 
Also as always if you have animations or renderings you would like to present please bring them as well. I’ll have two animations we’ve recently completed to share.  I’ll also go through the procedures necessary to create and process an animation.
Thanks to all of you that attended and helped the crew at CADSoft from having to consume all those Jimmy Johns sandwiches. As always your input and participation are appreciated.



One comment

  1. I’ve spent a number of hours experimenting with the SARUG channel / Procaster settings and have hit upon a combination that appears to provide a half decent playback quality. I’ve reposted the June meeting in three segments (2011 Architecture, MEP and Advanced Features) for those of you that were unable to attend the meeting.


    The following is a discalimer that SARUG and its members are not responsible for the degradation of your vision due to viewing any SARUG broadcast. View at your own risk! 😉

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