Information On Revit License Renewals

July 16, 2010

As many offices struggle in this economic downturn the issue of Revit License renewals comes around annually to affect our overhead.  Some may consider not renewing their subscriptions and as many of us know we have a perpetual license that will continue on past any subscription terminations leaving that Revit seat suspended in its version/build at the time it expired.  So you will not be without a working application.
What you may not know is Autodesk feels our pain and is allowing contracts that exceed their expiration date by up to 1 year to renew at the resellers renewal rate plus $100.00.  Go 1 year plus 1 day over that time period and the renewal jumps to $2,995 plus the resellers renewal rate to re-activate your subscription.  Of course as always you should confirm this with you local reseller.


One comment

  1. What about licenses that are from now closed small offices, is there a legal way to acquire the licenses from these business’? When businesses file bankruptcy most of the assets are auctioned or sold flat rate. How does that work with a license transfer?

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