SARUG July Meeting Reminder

July 20, 2010

Just a reminder that our July meeting is this Thursday at Breckenridge.
You can view the planned meeting content here at our blog site.  Please subscribe to the RSS feed at the bottom on the main page.
I’ve updated the autopilot at the SARUG channel with additional image content from Breckenridge and Steve Shell. Also the quality is vastly improved.
Livestream still has some playback issues with hesitations and skip backs but that’s on the post processing that Livestream is performing so hopefully
they will continue to improve the platform.
If you are interested in getting your image content on the autopilot just forward the images you want posted.  Company images need to be approved by
management so when you send them please copy your principals on the email correspondence so I can see that they are aware of and have approved
this use of the company imagery.
Also please send the following info. for each image.
Company name
Revit version (2008, 2009,2010, etc) so I can I.D. the rendering engine.
Architectural Designer Name – If applicable
Revit Operator Name – responsible for the image quality.



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