SARUG July Meeting Recap

July 24, 2010

Our July meeting has now past and the resulting recordings are available on our web channel at http://www.livestream.com/sarug

  David Joslin Master Thesis – David provides an overview of his thesis with a
  special emphasis on the conceptual interface he developed for BIM Cloud
  Computing and how the application might be used for facilities management.

  Dynamic Families – An adjustable column and a parking array.  We didn’t
  get to cover the how these families were created but looked more at the
  features.  I may do a training clip to explain these items in greater detail.

  Navisworks Freedom – An overview of this free application given by Chris
  Perry of CADSoft.  Much like DOOM and HALO, the on-line games, NWF 
  gives you the ability to walk-through your Revit model.   

I would like to extend a thanks to David and Chris for presenting and to those that attended the meeting.

Our August meeting date, location and content have not been established yet  but we are looking at covering the software and techniques related to Civil Engineering as well as possibly doing a General Contractor series of meetings to discuss how the BIM technology is being used and IPD are being implemented in the Construction Phase of a project.


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