Solibri Model Checker – A Step Beyond Navisworks

July 30, 2010

Solibri Model Checker is a unique application that has no real competitor in the AEC technology space yet. The only application with some of its functionality is NavisWorks, but that is focused primarily on coordination and clash detection.”

“Solibri Model Checker is well suited to being used by design firms as their internal QA tool to improve the quality and consistency of their models, and can also be used by contractors to validate that the models they are receiving from the design team meet their specific criteria as captured in their own customized rule sets.”

“As far as limitations goes, the application could do with some better documentation to enable faster learning, particularly on how to edit and create rule sets, which are the key to the application. Also, its near-complete reliance on the IFC file format ties its fortunes too closely with that of the IFC, and it would do well to find ways of working directly with the file formats of all the major BIM applications, as NavisWorks has been able to do. Building interfaces such as the Solibri Issue Locator with Revit and Bentley, in addition to the one currently available for ArchiCAD, is also essential to make the design iteration loop between modeling and checking faster and more efficient.” 

(Note: Solibri Issue Locater does not currently work with Revit as of this post date.)

“The automated code-checking initiative in the US is already well underway, and it is powered by a customized version of Solibri Model Checker (see the section entitled “Development and Implementation of Automated Code Checking in the US” in the article on the AIA TAP 2007 Conference). In addition to enabling checking for local code compliance, Solibri Model Checker can also eventually be expanded to include large databases of rule sets for different building types such as hospitals, hotels, offices, etc., allowing designs to be checked against type-specific standards and best practices. The ability to quickly and automatically check a building design for the satisfaction of codes and established design standards is a critical step towards a more intelligent and sophisticated design process, which will allow buildings to be subjected to much higher levels of quality control than those in place today.”

Lachmi Khemlani is founder and editor of AECbytes

To read the full article.

Solibri Features

ITO will allow “data mining” from the BIM by making it possible to instantly capture practically any information available and then generate customized reports.  ITO can be used for many purposes, ranging from quantity takeoffs to automated area calculations and extracting the information used (for example) in carbon footprint calculations. ITO makes it possible for users to define their own information requirements, extract the information required and customize their own reporting templates.

BIM Validation rule set can be used for general quality assurance of the model, verifying that all the building components are present and that there are no major issues.

Space Validation rule set, which checks that the architectural design has spaces defined according to surrounding walls.

Model Revisions Comparison – Architecture” rule set, allows you to import the previous version of the design and then the later version and run comparison rules.

Quantity Takeoff rule set which can be exported to estimating applications.

Visualization rule set color codes different component types, making it easier to spot any inconsistencies.

Rule-based Clash Detection as opposed to just the geometry-based clash detection offered by an application like NavisWorks.

Model Visualization and Walk-through Capability.

Solibri Model Checker – Interface Navigation

Solibri Model Checker – Rule Sets & Model Checking

Solibri Model Checker – Communication / Presentation

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