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September SARUG Meeting

September 14, 2010

Just an update on our next meeting.
We’ve set the meeting date to Sept 23 which is Thursday of next week.
We will have two presentations, one on Siteworks for Revit, which greatly expands on the capabilities we presented at the last meeting that had you drooling and the other on Civil 3D. 
We will also do an open floor work session for Revit Architecture 2011 to answer any how to operational questions you may have.



Optimizing System Memory for Improved Revit Performance!

September 6, 2010

You want to know more about enabling the 3GB switch to improve Revit® performance?

Because total memory is a system setting, it can be changed by the user or administrator. In Windows XP with SP2, users can “flip” a 3GB switch to increase the total amount of memory that an application/process can use to 3GB. The 3GB switch can be beneficial for memory intensive programs.


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