Revealing and Unhiding Hidden Elements

October 21, 2010

This tip is well known by a lot of seasoned Revit users. For the longest time I would hide elements and think they would disappear into the Autodesk abyss, never to return. This tip is to help you unhide those hidden elements.

At the bottom of your Revit interface, look for the light bulb icon. I used to think it was the ‘good idea’ button to help move a project forward, but it is not. It’s for revealing hidden elements in your view.

Toggle this icon on and off and see all the hidden elements within your view. In this example, I’ve hidden a door and then brought back its visibility in the view.

Consult your help file:

Revealing and Unhiding Hidden Elements

1. On the View Control Bar, click .
The drawing area and the Reveal Hidden Elements icon display with a magenta border to indicate you are in Reveal Hidden Element mode. All hidden elements display in magenta, and visible elements display in half-tone.

 To unhide hidden elements:

2. Select the element.
3. Do one of the following:

  • On the Options Bar, click Unhide Element or Unhide Category.
  • Right-click the element, and click Unhide in ViewElements or Category.
  • Click View menu Unhide in ViewElements or Category.

Note: The Unhide Element and Unhide Category options become active when you select an element that was hidden by element or, a category that was hidden by category.
On the View Control Bar, click  to exit Reveal Hidden Elements mode.



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