Revit Text, Microsoft Word & Notepad

October 22, 2010

Today I had to copy over some specification text from a manufacture’s Web site and insert it into my Revit document. The problem was that the text block from the Web site was not capitalized. And, that, my friends, will get you an ‘F’ in Construction Document’s class. I found a quick work around without having to retype the whole enchillada in my Revit file.

  • Select the desired text from Web site and hit Ctrl+C to copy it to your clipboard
  • Paste the text into a new blank Microsoft Word document
  • Highlight the text in Microsoft Word (Ctrl +A to select all)
  • Format>Font>Effect (check mark ALL CAPS) (Note: I’m using MS Word 2003)
  • After backing out of that window, reselect your newly formatted all-caps text and hit Crtl+C
  • Here’s the kicker…I thought I could paste that right into Revit, but I still only get the non-caps text
  • Plan B…open Notepad and Paste (Ctrl+V) the all-caps text from Word into Notepad and…Ta-da! The all-caps remain
  • Now copy that to your clipboard and paste the all-caps text
  • Phew…Here’s a visual

It’s quite a workaround but still much quicker than having to type it out cap-letter by cap-letter.

Avatech offers a utility called “Change Case” that might be worth investigating. Anybody using this? However, when you’re up against a deadline and there is no time for fussing with add-ons, this little tip will do the trick.


One comment

  1. Nice tip.
    The other way is to simply download a free “All Cap” font and then just swap the font.
    Here is one example:

    Thank you for posting!
    Good Luck

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