Keyboard Shortcuts – Revit Architecture 2011

October 27, 2010

Keyboard Shortcuts can really boost your efficiency and reduce the need to navigate the interface for a commonly used command.

You can directly access the Keyboard Shortcuts through the Revit interface by navigating to the ‘View’ tab at the top of the window then off to the right is the ‘User Interface’.  Click on the drop down to get the access window to the Keyboard Shortcuts.

You can then alphabetically order the columns by just clicking on the column heading. This is convenient for searching the list.

To remove a Shortcut <click on the shortcut abbreviation> and the ‘Remove’ button will activate.

To assign a Shortcut just click on the Command and the ‘Press New Keys’ field will activate.

Note: you can assign multiple key commands which is great for developing left handed and right handed versions. 

In an office with multiple stations I would recommend standardizing the Keyboard Shortcut Commands for all workstations so if another user has to temporarily use a station their efficiency is not compromised due to a different keyboard command layout.

Note: you can Import and Export this list.  Great for standardization.  Export you final list to you server library and just Import it for all your workstations.

Here are a few of my favorite KSC’s (as a righty most of these are left handed operations)

VV : Visibility Graphics
SV : Select All Instances – Visible in View
SS : Split Element
SF : Split Face
SA : Select All Instances – In the Entire Project
RR : Rotate
RE : Restart Wall Sweep / Reveal
RD : Radial Dimension
RC : Repeat Last Command
MM : Mirror
DD : Aligned Dimension
DA : Angular Dimension
CC : Copy
AA: Align

Enjoy Carl

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