November 2010 Meeting Follow-up

November 17, 2010

Thanks to Steve for setting up the November meeting and providing the munchies.

I just completed checking the web cast recordings and posted the two segments for your viewing pleasure.

The recordings should show up along the “Latest Videos” thumbnail bar as:

IPD The Process Part I Intro. (31 min)
IPD The Process Part II The Good Stuff. (2 hr)

These recordings can also be found in the Nov 2010 Video Library further down the page.

As Steve previously mentioned the recordings can be found at: http://www.livestream.com/sarug

This was an exceptionally insightful meeting into the IPD collaborative process along with a reveal of some of the shortcomings in the software technology as well as some recommendations.  A must see.  I hope Autodesk is listening 😉  Nothing like ending our year on a high note.

I would also like to extend a personal thanks to JSR for hosting this meeting and sharing their experiences on this project along with their consultants PET, GLHN and Schneider Assoc.  It’s this level of involvement that makes the difference in the success of our group.   

Thanks to all of you that attended last night (great turnout) and to those of you that have continued to support the group through your attendance throughout the year.

This was our last meeting for 2010.  We will resume in January of 2011 and will be working on setting up our General Contractors presentations over the holidays to kick off the 2011 season.  These meetings will focus on the GC’s use of BIM technology and their experiences in IPD.  Also Andrew will be presenting on using active URL links in families to connect to web site repositories of data, as a methodology for putting the “I” in B.I.M.  Andrew will explore how these links (information) can flow down to the facilities management level.

Until next year myself and the management team at SARUG extend our best wishes for a happy holiday season to you and your family.


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