Revit 2011 “Element’s internal join data is corrupt” Error

January 20, 2011

This seems to be related to Revit Architecture 2011, Build #1.  If you run into this error check out this thread on the AUGI forum for some workaround suggestions.  http://forums.augi.com/showthread.php?p=1075645

Build #2 appears to address this issue, but be warned. Both Steve and I had our 2011 (build #2) Revit’s crash our systems.  My Revit wouldn’t even open so I had to do a reinstall.  Steve’s experience was worse.  He’ll give you the gorey details at the next SARUG meeting. 

Trouble? Shoot It!

I wanted to expand on this post since the forum link talked heavily about auditing.  The audit option can be found in the open project dialog along the bottom left (see above).  Select it to force an Audit while opening.  You will not get this if you use the open recent feature in Revit.  You have to go through the open project process.

April 16, 2011 Update:
I’ve also discovered that this error can arise from options.  I was attempting to cut a opening in an existing wall but there was an intersecting wall in my as-built options at the same location as my opening jamb.  I keep two as-built options one of the existing building which never changes as a permanent reference and another that acts as my demolition reference.  The error required me to “disallow join” in both of these options even though the existing building option was not set to primary.


One comment

  1. Hmm I’m getting this error in Revit 2012 – and auditing isn’t solving it. Admittedly, the file was created in R2011… But the particular wall was created in R2012. Get it right, Autodesk!

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