Design By Many

January 24, 2011

If you haven’t seen it you should head over to Design By Many.  It’s a new social modeling competition site.  Even if you don’t decided to compete for some of the awesome prizes in the sponsored competitions the submittal source files are free and worthwhile to download.  If you pick apart the models you are sure to learn a thing or two about modeling in Revit or other industry standard software.

The latest sponsored competition was to design an external shading element for a downtown Phoenix structure.  Apparently I couldn’t help myself one night as I started designing a solution.  It’s not perfect but you can see (and please vote!) my submittal here. I invite you to take the sail array models apart.  You will learn a thing or two about Revit families and 3D arrays.  I think I nested the sail family 5 families deep! My custom truss family is based on a 3D void shape which has extrusions along the void edges.  It makes for some very easy modeling of complex sweeps.

– Jake


  1. Nice design Jake. I prefer a static solution over an operable one. Moving parts require maintenance and break down over time. Using a wire cloth fabric would help with durability. Stainless Steel for no oxidization or just standard steel for a nice rusted weathering affect. This material also reduces protection for pegions and bats and hopefully will get hot enough in the Phoenix summer to reduce pegion perching. Of course a percentage of sunlight will get through with wire cloth. Perf metal sheets are another option. Great Job! You get my vote.

  2. Thanks Carl. I put in about 8 or 9 hours and it got to the point that I just had to finish so I could get to real work which was backing up. It started out as a static / passive design but can easily become an active design – Low tech or high tech. Didn’t get to the details (or a more inventive sail pattern) but a neat proposal no less. You’re right about the pigon poo. Maybe it needs a healthy dose of spikes! It would be easy to swap out the panel geometry in one quick reload!

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