SARUG March 2011 Meeting

March 28, 2011

Post Meeting Follow-up:

Much thanks to JSR for hosting our March meeting and to Steve our Co-Chair for the munchies.

This was one of our more lively meetings with lots of conversation on JSR’s operational and procedural issues surrounding a collaborative project utilizing both Revit and Non-Revit capable consultants.  As with any new venture into a new technical realm you can start to feel like Wile Coyote in a mine field, constantly blowing yourself up. Add to that the size, scope and complexity of the healthcare project they collaborated on and you can imagine the hurdles they had to overcome.  It does sound like there were some good lessons learned and no shyness about sharing those experiences.  It took some time to get everyone settled down and back into the presentation mode.  

So Jake & I proceeded to go technical on everyone with self-calculating schedules driven by outrageously long conditional statements topped off by Jake’s nested door family (very nice).  So if that didn’t scare the begezus out of you or go right over your head then you may have an aptitude for being a Revit Techie.  It does however speak to the depth of capability within Revit that in many cases lies untapped.  This can be a productivity gold mine for those willing to implement it and can lead to substantial improvements in quality control and document production efficiency.

Unfortunately the recordings of these presentations were very poor and we lost the audio on Jake’s presentations, for some of you this may be of no great loss, but I’m talking with Jake about re-recording these sessions for our Livestream Channel (in studio) now that I’ve done some troubleshooting on the settings and arrived at a combination that should vastly improve the quality.  I’ll let you know as soon as these go up on the channel.

Steve is coordinating our April meeting with Carmen at Pima College and he is also talking with Shannon at CADsoft about a Revit 2012 New Features presentation.  I’m also considering showing how to build some controls into your detail components to expand their usability for a future meeting.

More to come.
Original Meeting Notice

Our March meeting is scheduled for tomorrow (March 29th) at JSR.
   Time: 5:30 – 8:00 pm
   Location: Johnson, Smitthipong, Rosamond Assoc Inc.
                     4067 E. Grant, Tucson
                     Suite 203

Presentations will cover the following: 

  1. JSR will present on their collaborative process to date. 
  2. Jake will cover his multiple nesting technique for the Designed by Many shade competition.
  3. I’ll cover the automation techniques I set up for Rick Joy’s Revit template as it pertains to doing an electrical plan.
  4. Jake & I will cover techniques for constructing a 2D furniture family that can be viewed in 5 orthographic directions.

 Some interesting stats:

 Our blog traffic is steadily increasing. 

Our SARUG Discussion Group on Linked in is up to 75 members and the Integrated Project Delivery Discussion Group I started on Linkedin is approaching 500 members.


Steve is working with Carmen to have one of our meetings at Pima College.  The format will include presentations by her students of their Revit projects in order to engage our members in a dialog on Revit techniques and processes.

We would like to invite CADsoft to give a presentation on Revit 2012 features. 

If you have any particular subjects you would like to cover or present on please let us know so we can get it on the meeting agenda.

As always bring your Revit inquiries and we will try and help you work a solution. 


Steve, Jake, Neada (one of our new members) and I are continuing to work with the Architecture College’s ARC 441 construction documents class assisting them with technical support for assembling CD’s as well as working with Revit. This class is being moved to the fall semester and we are excited to continue our support for this class and strengthen the connection with the professional community.  There is also a contingent within CALA that is strongly supporting the technical aspects of the architectural education and is looking to make the Revit workshops (previously a voluntary offering) a mandatory part of the curriculum in support of that effort.

Pima College is looking to offer summer classes in Revit and we are hoping to get the class offerings out to the CALA students that will be taking the ARC 441 class in the fall so they can get a jump on using Revit.  One of our senior SARUG members maybe teaching one of the classes.



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