Excel & Revit (with a Workaround)

April 13, 2011

One of our A.I.T.’s asked me today if Revit could import an Excel file, and my response was of course, but I’ve never done it.  So I went on a little Revit/Excel quest and discovered this nice little add-on, that’s FREE (best part), for getting an Excel spreadsheet into Revit.


What I don’t know is the degree of functionality that transfers, if any.  In other words if you have formulas and conditionals within the cells do they come across as well and embed themselves as functional elements in Revit.  I would suspect not.  The resulting import gets placed into a drafting view.

Unfortunately this didn’t meet our needs since the spreadsheet our A.I.T. was looking to import was setup as a scheduler.  The work around she came up with was to print the Excel file to pdf, convert the pdf to a jpeg (a la Photoshop) and import the image.  The results looked great even as an image file.



  1. I will have to check this out. We are using BIMLink to push and pull data in and out of Revit. Right now we are pushing into Revit room program data from excel. Then export the room schedule back to Excel once the rooms have been placed.


  2. Hey Carl,

    I’ll have to check this out. We are using BIMLink (which is not free) to push and pull data from/to Revit and Excel. It has been great for taking a room program spreadsheet, importing it into Revit’s room schedule and using it check your program vs actual. Using Revit’s conditional statements in the room schedule is our way to have Revit keep track of the sf difference and % tolerance. Then you can take the room schedule and put it right back into Excel.



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