Revit MEP electrical parameter output

April 25, 2011

If you’ve worked in Revit MEP and are learning the electrical side of things you will find that there are settings and parameters galore. You will want to review the settings prior to starting your project and you may even want to create an office template so you know certain things are pre-set for your project.

As a word of warning – If you want “analysis” parameters to display the live results of what you model you will want to make sure and check the “Run calculations for loads in spaces” box under the electrical settings on the Manage tab, MEP settings.  By default the electrical template has this un-checked.  If left un-checked all “analysis” parameters for the electrical side of Revit MEP will be frozen. In my case the parameter: Actual Lighting Load was not reporting the modeled design in a schedule.

Other items to lookout for will be misplaced families.  If the lights are placed on the top surface of a room bounding ceiling then their values will not be reported as it is technically out of the Space.    In a similar situation reference planes drawn incorrectly (Left to Right) will result in hosting the fixture upside down, and depending on the geometry in relation to a Space could cause a reporting error.

Good luck and make sure to double check all of your work until you are comfortable with how Revit MEP handles different aspects of your electrical designs.


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  1. I’m working on this material this week. Thanks, Jake. Sorry I was such a zombie last Saturday – strictly allergies, I don’t party anymore.

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