SARUG – April 2011 Meeting Followup

April 30, 2011

I just wanted to extend a thanks to Carmen and Steve Grede at Pima College for hosting our April meeting and providing food and beverages. 

A very impressive series of presentations by the students who have gone well beyond the traditional realm of a CAD class and into the utilization of Revit and other software packages for energy analysis, design and presentation.

The class was separated into four teams that were tasked with developing four different sites on the downtown campus for the expansion of one of the departments related to the building trades curriculum.   The projects were to develop a building that integrated energy savings features and strive to achieve compliance with LEED criteria.  The teams had diverse levels of experience and the projects showed thoughtful consideration of a multitude of issues.

This comprehensive integration of B.I.M. related software technology with Design indicates a major shift in the direction of the CAD department at Pima College and aligns the curriculum well with industry trends.  Ultimately raising the skill sets of the Pima College graduates and preparing them well for positions in the A.E.C. industry.

Congratulations to the students who have responded very well to the challenges of their respective projects and to Carmen, Steve and the other faculty members who are instrumental in implementing the changes in the CAD curriculum.   Also I would like to recognize those members of the curriculum  advisory council(Andrew Abernathy and Dan Russell of Sundt), two members of our SARUG group, who have given their time to get involved and offer recommendations.

Well done everyone.  I hope we get the opportunity to attend future presentations from this class.


One comment

  1. Every time I work in the CAD lab at Pima I am amazed at the insight, depth of research, and level of cooperation between the students – the helpfulness of the faculty/staff.
    After 30yrs. of building I am finally getting a good look at what went into making the sets of ‘prints I so casually stuffed under my visor before driving to work. I haven’t looked back on one single hour of my time at PCC as ‘work.’

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