Ask Yourself: Where Are My Walls?

May 4, 2011

It’s the 11th Hour and you’re double checking the placement of all the various wall types in your project. How do I know what wall is where? A quick solution is to color code them. You can do so by utilizing the Course Scale Fill Pattern and Course Scale Fill Color settings in the wall type properties. It’s pretty simple and the visual feedback is grand. Just set your view scale to Course and…Presto!..the walls will take on their assigned color!

Other alternatives:

  • Create a course Legend View to identify the color coding system being used
  • Use this method to quickly identify your rated walls

Add it to your work flow.

(now in California, but my Revit roots are still Southern Arizona)

One comment

  1. Kirk,
    A lot of us reserve the coarse fill settings for certain views like building sections 1/4″ or smaller and presentation plans. Another option for this sort of thing is to use view filters which work well with a working plan for quality control / assurance.

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