Revit Crash – Insufficient Space on the…………………C-Drive Error

June 8, 2011

If you get this error it’s because your system’s paging limit for the Virtual Memory Allocation is set to low.  Check out this link for accessing and changing the VMA setting.

Typical responses to this type of limitation: Revit evaporates or locks up, or Revit gives you the memory warning and prompts you to save a recovery file, which more often than not will fail and the application will go into a recovery file prompt loop. If this happens just end the program and hope you haven’t lost to much work.

To get ahead of this I suggest you check your VMA and up the default limit substantially.

At my age I can use all the memory I can get!

P.S.  Insufficient drive space can also be due to too many temporary files on  the drive.  This type of problem is accompanied by a warning to free up space on the C-Drive or redefine Windows user variable TMP to be a folder on another drive.  To purge your TMP files use the Disk Cleanup utility in the Programs>Accessories>System Tools folder.  http://www.vistax64.com/tutorials/104637-temporary-files-temp-folder.html  Reboot after running the Cleanup routine.


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