Interrupting a Wall Sweep

September 2, 2011

Ever wanted a wall sweep to break to let another wall pattern to continue through?  My first thought was to select the wall sweep and use the split tool.  The problem with that approach was that it split the wall not the sweep and caused the wall pattern to break.  While this may be the intuitive approach you may remember a previous post where I indicated Revit was anything but intuitive.  So here’s the non-intuitive long way around this procedure.

Once you’ve placed your sweep, which runs the entire length of the wall, select the sweep and you will see the blue drag points.  Adjust the sweep to the desired length.

Now you have to copy the sweep.  Select the sweep and depress/hold the CTRL key then drag the new sweep.  You’ll notice that Revit wants to place the new sweep above or below the old one and the sweep has to be within the same wall plane.

Next you will use the blue drag dots to adjust the sweep over the adjacent opening.  Notice that when you get a dot over a vertical plane the plane highlights indicating your relative position in the 3D view.

Now look at your properties dialog for the new sweep.  In my case my sweeps were set to a specific level I had created in my project which resulted in a 0′-0″ level reference.  The image below shows the sweep is 1′-11″ and some above that level.

By typing the 0′-0″ height into this field I can drive the new sweep into perfect position.

Beware the day Revit becomes SELF AWARE!

(Still waiting to become self aware)

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