Blog Inquiry – Referencing Details With — Linked Buildings

September 14, 2011

We had an inquiry from Glenn as follows:

“Message: When working on a project that has multiple buildings on one site (each building is its own file), how do you reference details to each building if you have standard details that each building will reference? Do you have to use symbols and “draft” the detail call outs?”

I would create the details in the site project or import them into the site project from my library where I have various master detail .rvt files.

Then create the desired section cut or area call out via the View Tab.   

 Click on Image to Enhance Resolution

After selecting the task note the Options bar gives you a check box for “Reference Other View” Once you check this box you’ll note a drop down to the right which will let you access all your drafting views as well as some other view references.  Once you select the appropriate detail the call out will make the appropriate associative link to the detail # and sheet # where it’s placed.


If you need to build the details in the specific building project file because of unique geometry, go ahead and construct it there.  You can then import the detail into the site project and follow the procedure above to reference it.

To import the detail from the building project file (while in your Site Project file) just go to the Insert tab then select “Insert from File” and at the drop down “Insert Views from File”  this will open a browser window.  Navigate to the building project file or your master detail .rvt file, wherever the detail(s) reside that you want to import.

Once you open the .rvt file you’ll get a detail selection list as follows,  Immediately check the “Check None” box to avoid getting the initial checked item.  Then navigate to the details you want and check them all.  You’ll notice each detail becomes visible to the right as you click on it to highlight it. 

That’s it.  The details will populate into your Site Project file and you can then reference them.
Hope that answers your question Glenn.


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