Revit – Specialty Equipment Category Issue

September 29, 2011

In Revit the Specialty Equipment category is hardcoded as a family category which can not be cut through in an elevation view.  The elevation view tag will highlite the cutting plane by clicking on the directional arrow.  As typical in Revit you can adjust the limits with the blue end dot drag points and move the plane closer to or further from the elevation tag.  The image below depicts the activated cut plane with the elevation directly above.

As you move the cut plane to cut through the first partition you’ll notice the elevation view of the right  partition remains unchanged.

Push the cut plane further and the standard partitions remain unchanged.  The hcap partition ends where the standard partition corner begins so we loose the hcap partition in the elevation view but we are outside the limits of that family so this is to be expected.

Of course you could assign the partitions to another family category that does permit cutting through but that could create issues with your Specialy Equipment schedule that you will need to somehow address.  The other option is to go back to the original position where all partitions are visible in the elevation, then right mouse click on one of the partitions and select “Override Graphics in View ” then “Element”.  At the control window select “Transparent” then with the Linework tool select a hidden line and mouse over the partition till one of the lines highlites then key “tab” to force the entire family to highlite and click to assign the line type.

This will allow any wall fixtures or tile patterns on the rear wall to be exposed.  You may also want to do a fill pattern at the dividing partitions to simulate a cut situation since any toilet accessories, like TP dispensers, will appear solid and floating on the hidden partition.

A special thanks goes out to David Metcalf at CADsoft who joined me on this Revit Journey of Discovery.


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