Beyond Grid Guides – A Revit Layout Technique

October 15, 2011

At Breckenridge we use a grid system I developed many years ago in my private practice.  Essentially it is two grid systems.  One divides the sheet for details and enlarged plans and helps set schedule limits and note areas.  The other is a view title guide designed to help provide for a uniform placement of the view titles.

The first grid is in black and is broken into segments so you can hide individual segments and create rectangular or enlarged grid areas.  I group this grid and assign it a name unique to the sheet.

The view title grid is in red and is not segmented.  I typically have this grid grouped and hidden.  I use the reveal hidden light bulb at the bottom of the interface to highlight this grid and then register my view title while in this mode.

I find these to be great organizational tools.

One day all this sheet layout process will disappear but it will take a mobile heads-ups field display system that the contractors can utilize.

Paperless Society?  Still Waiting. 😦


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