Images in Revit – Raster V.S. Vector

October 20, 2011

In Revit 2011 image files can give you some problems when used in viewports, such as details captured from a scan of an old project.  While the detail may look clean without edges you may experience ghosting of the image boundaries when producing pdf files.  I had this happen using both the Adobe and Cutepdf writers.  I suspect it has something to do with the way Revit communicates the outgoing file to the format writer, because the fix can be found in Revit.

In the print control interface.  Go to the “Setup” button in the lower right of the print control interface.  Here you will find two options for processing the file.  “Vector” and “Raster”.   Vector processing is faster and cleaner but will create ghosting of the image file edges in your pdf’s that will print in hard copy.  Raster takes about 2 to 3 times longer to process but eliminates the ghost edges.  The other down side with the output is that it is less crisp.  I would estimate a 10% reduction in print quality.

I suspect the image boundaries during vector processing in Revit are being interpreted by the pdf writer as lines.  What is even stranger is you don’t always get all edges as lines.  It appears to be an arbitrary assignment as to which edges are seen as lines.

David Metcalf at CADsoft also did a little trouble shooting on my pdf files and noted that the free pdf reader called Foxit did not show any lines in the Vector processed file, while Adobe did.  David also indicated the Foxit viewer is a lot crisper.

Looks like Revit and Adobe could use a little tune up to get this issue addressed.

It’s time to Slip out of the Office.

Until my next Revit speed bump.


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