Interesting Press Release, Thank you Tim

October 28, 2011

President’s Address

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Autodesk made a huge announcement last week; they acquired Micro Application Packages Limited (MAP Software).  MAP is a UK-based provider of CAD, CAM and estimating software that supports fabrication and construction for the mechanical, electrical and plumbing industry. The software is sold here in the USA by Technical Sales International (TSI).

The acquisition of MAP Software helps Autodesk to complete the workflows from design to fabrication with solutions that support detailing, estimating and manufacturing for MEP contractors and engineers.  By offering fabrication tools that support BIM-based workflows, Autodesk is closing the gap between design and construction.

CADsoft Consulting works with many of the Mechanical sub-contractors in the Southwest, most of who use MAP Software.  This acquisition will help make BIM valuable for fabrication, further advancing adoption in the MEP engineering industry.

As Autodesk integrates MAP Software’s solutions into their AEC portfolio, Autodesk will extend BIM across the building lifecycle beyond design to support building fabrication and construction for the MEP engineering industry.

This is a very exciting development as it continues to transition the industry to BIM, from design through to fabrication.

Tim Duncan, AIA
CADsoft Consulting

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