RTC and AU, My Experience

November 24, 2011

This past summer I was fortunate enough to attend the Revit Technology Conference (RTC) in Huntington Beach, CA. Carl asked me to share some thoughts about my experience. I posted my experience on my blog (which is currently a mess, unorganized and getting worked on as time permits…it’s part my New Year’s Resolution)

Autodesk University 2011 is around the corner. Yes, I will be attending…for the first time. After that event, I’ll have a better understanding of their similarities and differences. I can already tell you that some of the topics from RTC2011 and AU2011 are the same. Keep in mind that RTC is shortly after the new releases of Revit in April. AU is almost 7-8 months after that time. A majority of the people I spoke with enjoyed RTC because it was focused on the tool and the process of Revit/BIM. RTC had much smaller attendance numbers than AU. Autodesk is a partner with RTC, but RTC is organized by users, and not by Revit’s developer.

Just recently RTC announced its USA venue for next year’s event. Read about it on RevitOpEd. I’ll see you at RTC2012, and AU2011 next week!



  1. Hi Kirk
    I will see you at AU!

    The biggest difference between AU & RTC that I noticed was that the RTC attracted more of the Revit developers and it was easier to hang out with them. (You have to schedule your social time AU because of the huge size of the crowd and venue, rather than just running into everybody all of time!)

  2. Kirk,

    Great posts on the 2011 RTC. Thanks!

    I only wish they recorded the sessions like AU and made them available on-line.

    Your posts have inspired me to set up a regular lunch-in-learn at Breckenridge and systematically go through the AU2011 presentations for the team.


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