Starting View

November 24, 2011

Let’s face it. In a team environment, BIM requires communication. To support that statement, a great new feature in Revit 2012 is Starting View.

Our team has used it to much success. We developed, and loaded into our office template, a 11×17 titleblock that gives the user information upon opening the project file. We specified this sheet & titleblock to be our Starting View. Some points to about this approach:

  • Once set as a Starting View, the file will always open on this sheet (and not a 3D view that has shadows turned on)
  • This sheet is pinned, but at the beginning of a new project we temporarily unpin to enter the project information (except for the address, you still have to go to Manage> Project Information> Address)
  • Our construction documents titleblock uses a lot of the same parameters, so that information gets pushed out to all those condocs sheets from the Starting View
  • In the sheet properties, make sure you uncheck the parameter: Appears in Sheet List…that way the Starting View sheet will not be a part of your Sheet Index
  • The info off to the left includes a date stamp, file location, a template revision tracking number and the discipline of the project (our office is Arch and Struct and we all use the same template to start with)
  • We have a space in the lower half to have team member communicate upcoming deadlines, major workings or reworkings of the model elements, etc…
  • We used to save and sync-to-central from a drafting view, but a titleblock/sheet is much more effective because you can enter it right there without going to the Manage tab
  • It’s a quick glance & verification of the info before beginning your work


Happy Thanksgiving!




  1. Great Tip Kirk, Thanks for sharing.


  2. Love it Kirk

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