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SARUG March 2012 – Meeting Follow Up

March 30, 2012

I just wanted to follow up on last night’s meeting which had a great turnout and the presentation and discussion topic were excellent and engaging.

Mehrad with P.E.T. gave an in depth and informative presentation on his use of Revit M.E.P. which you can view at the Livestream channel.  The segment is entitled “Revit MEP A Mechanical Engineer’s Perspective” and is 44 minutes in length.  I missed the first introductory minutes but we did capture the heart of the presentation.

We also had a discussion on the evolving A/E business model.  This discussion was also captured on Livestream and is entitled “Conversations on the evolving A/E business model”  Again an audio technical glitch distorts the first 20 minutes of the discussion so if you advance to the 22:40 time index I did manage to clear up the audio from that point on.  This segment is 55 minutes in length and has some interesting insights and observations on this topic.

There are also a number of Revit 2013 short clips up on Livestream that discuss some of the various upgrades to Revit 2013 that cover Revit Structure, MEP and Architecture.  The upgrade can now be downloaded from Autodesk.

I’ve added a brief tutorial on constructing roof crickets in Revit Architecture to the Livestream channel that gets into how the roof slope arrow functions, the angle of the roof cricket in order to achieve a code compliant valley slope and the directional control of the roof slope arrow to properly interface the cricket with the sloping roof.

Also the Livestream Autopilot has been updated so you can view some of the 2011 renderings produced by the SARUGroup.

Thanks to everyone that attended last night.  Your presence and involvement made for a lively and interesting meeting and discussion.



Autodesk Product Launch 2013

March 28, 2012

Just posted March 27, 2012 (Yesterday) to Youtube.

Get the latest info. on Autodesk Products, where the company is now and where it’s going.


Presentation Extracts:

Revit (Architecture, Structure and MEP) becoming one product
(See Time Index 42:29)

Infrastructure Design Suite – Civil Engineers take note
(See Time Index 43:50)

Sketchbook – Paint and drawing software

On an Iphone:

Instructables – a web-based documentation platform where passionate people share what they do and how they do it, and learn from and collaborate with others.

Pixlr – Free On-line Photo Editor

ForceEffect – Manufacturing and Digital Prototyping – draw, constrain and simulate concepts using free body diagrams by simply tapping objects to select, move, rotate and scale.

Youtube: Using ForceEffect –

PLM 360 – Product Lifecycle Management——


SARUG Software Alert – VEO

March 9, 2012

Getting closer to a Comprehensive Solution for Builders and Owners see the VEO Trailer.

Thanks to Jake for the lead on this application



Using Dunn Edwards Colors in your Revit Project

March 6, 2012

Update 08-17-13:

I recorded a How To on getting Dunn Edwards paint colors into your Revit project materials browser, which is located on the web site.   Sam at D.E. sent me the spreadsheet which has the RGB values, which is also available.  There are two w-clips on this page.  The first shows how to create the materials in Revit. The other w-clip has two parts: one accessing the Excel spreadsheet, which is available through the Arch-Intel Dropbox. and the second on how to create a new Dunn Edwards paint materials directory in Revit with an adsklib file I’ve created and is also available through the Dropbox. ).

Happy Painting

Update 03-06-12: Other Paint Manufacturer’s RGB Listings

Sherwin Williams:


Update 03-07-12:
Luke Johnson over at the “What Revit Wants” Blog (link in our side bar) suggested an alternative to Photoshop. which is a free program that should give you similar capabilities to Photoshop.  You can find out more by checking out Luke’s blog at :

Much Thanks Luke!! (CK)……………………………………

I’ve also used Artweaver which is available at:
Make sure you download the free version.  (CK)


Building a Revit Production Platform

March 1, 2012

At our February 2012 SARUG Meeting,  Ted Moeller, principal electrical engineer at GLHN brought in one of his desktop computers that he had recently built and let us test drive it.  Quinn put it through its paces and it performed exceptionally well.  Consequently we’ve all added the “Moeller Monster” to our Christmas list. 

Ted updated me later that this assembly was not the Monster he envisioned but a “respectable machine for daily Revit production”  Ted gave me the recipes for both the “Monster” and the “Not the Monster , but Close” machines.  Let’s start with the tamer of the two.

Motherboard: ………..P8Z68-V              (ASUS LGA1155 Z68 HDMI Sata 3 US)
Case: …………………….CM690-II                      (Coolermaster 690 V2 All Black)
Processor:……………..i7-2600KBox                   (Intel Core i7  3.4 Ghz 8Mb L4)
Optical Drive: ……….SH-S223B           (22X Samsung DVD +/- RW Sata Drive)
Video Card:………….100315L                (Sapphire Radeon HD 6850 1Gb GDDR)
Ram:…………………… 2X4Gb-1600GS              (8GB Kit (2X4Gb) DDR3 1600 MH)
Solid State Boot
Drive & Software:……..AGT325SAT3120G                 (120Gb OCZ Agility 2.5”)
Data Hard Drive:………WD5000AAKX            (W/D 500Gb Blue 7200 RPM 3.5”)
CPU Fan:………………….Freez7ProV2                   (Freezer 7 Pro V2 CPU Cooler)
Power Supply:………… CMPSU650TX           (650W Corsair ATX12V/EPS12V SL)

Cost:  $1481.00 w/ Tax (Feb 2012) Parts Only
Source: SWS Electronics, Tucson, Az.

  1. That’s 16 Gigs of on board RAM with another 1 Gig dedicated on the Video
  2. This cost did not include:
          a.  the Operating System Software which was Windows 7 ($140 retail),
          b.  assembly (By Ted),
          c.  keyboard, mouse or monitor

The MONSTER makes the following upgrades:

i7-3930k Processor____add $350
X79 Motherboard _____add $200
GTX 580 Video Card___add $300

Cost: $2300

Ted Notes: “This build is superior to a comparable AMD based machine, using Crosshair V Formula motherboard and an FX-8120 8-core processor”.  He also mentioned that AMD and Intel are comparable products and it takes a year or so for the manufacturer’s to reach peak performance optimization so don’t be so quick to get the new generation processor.  Just recently the older AMD product was out performing the new Intel processor. Now with some time in the market the Intel product is now out performing the newer AMD product.

Cost Saving Options for the first system profile:
  1.  i5-2500k Processor________deduct $100
  2.  500-550W Power Supply___ deduct $40
  3.  8 Gb Ram_______________ deduct $60
  4.  Eliminate Data Hard Drive__ deduct $100  
                             (Assumes you have a local Server storing Data)

I was able to record the conversations surrounding this part of the meeting which you can view at the SARUG Livestream:  select the “Revit Computer Build Recommendations” web clip.  Pandora was running in the background and I was unaware that the audio signal accompanied the first 9:38 minutes of the presentation so advance to the 9:39 mark to get beyond the Pandora overlay.  It essentially covered the information posted above.  You can see Quinn putting the 65 Mb file through its paces.

Thanks Ted, we look forward to the next build.