Using Dunn Edwards Colors in your Revit Project

March 6, 2012

Update 08-17-13:

I recorded a How To on getting Dunn Edwards paint colors into your Revit project materials browser, which is located on the arch-intel.info web site.   Sam at D.E. sent me the spreadsheet which has the RGB values, which is also available.  There are two w-clips on this page.  The first shows how to create the materials in Revit. The other w-clip has two parts: one accessing the Excel spreadsheet, which is available through the Arch-Intel Dropbox. and the second on how to create a new Dunn Edwards paint materials directory in Revit with an adsklib file I’ve created and is also available through the Dropbox.

http://www.arch-intel.info/revit-dunn-edwards-paint.html ).

Happy Painting

Update 03-06-12: Other Paint Manufacturer’s RGB Listings

Sherwin Williams:


Update 03-07-12:
Luke Johnson over at the “What Revit Wants” Blog (link in our side bar) suggested an alternative to Photoshop.  http://www.getpaint.net/ which is a free program that should give you similar capabilities to Photoshop.  You can find out more by checking out Luke’s blog at :


Much Thanks Luke!! (CK)……………………………………

I’ve also used Artweaver which is available at: http://www.artweaver.de/download-en/
Make sure you download the free version.  (CK)


  1. You could also adapt this method and use free Paint.NET instead of Photoshop?

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