SARUG March 2012 – Meeting Follow Up

March 30, 2012

I just wanted to follow up on last night’s meeting which had a great turnout and the presentation and discussion topic were excellent and engaging.

Mehrad with P.E.T. gave an in depth and informative presentation on his use of Revit M.E.P. which you can view at the Livestream channel.  The segment is entitled “Revit MEP A Mechanical Engineer’s Perspective” and is 44 minutes in length.  I missed the first introductory minutes but we did capture the heart of the presentation.


We also had a discussion on the evolving A/E business model.  This discussion was also captured on Livestream and is entitled “Conversations on the evolving A/E business model”  Again an audio technical glitch distorts the first 20 minutes of the discussion so if you advance to the 22:40 time index I did manage to clear up the audio from that point on.  This segment is 55 minutes in length and has some interesting insights and observations on this topic.


There are also a number of Revit 2013 short clips up on Livestream that discuss some of the various upgrades to Revit 2013 that cover Revit Structure, MEP and Architecture.  The upgrade can now be downloaded from Autodesk.


I’ve added a brief tutorial on constructing roof crickets in Revit Architecture to the Livestream channel that gets into how the roof slope arrow functions, the angle of the roof cricket in order to achieve a code compliant valley slope and the directional control of the roof slope arrow to properly interface the cricket with the sloping roof.


Also the Livestream Autopilot has been updated so you can view some of the 2011 renderings produced by the SARUGroup.

Thanks to everyone that attended last night.  Your presence and involvement made for a lively and interesting meeting and discussion.


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  1. Thanks to you, too, Carl for pulling us all together for a great meeting.

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