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Free Revit Apps from CASE Inc

April 27, 2012

CASE Inc is a group of BIM consultants based out of New York. They offer some free downloadable apps from their site, case-apps.

I’ve known about their apps for some time now. I put one them into play yesterday. That was “Import Images to Drafting Views”.

This tool will launch a dialog that allows you to import multiple images to individual drafting views. The drafting views will be named the same as the image that they originate from. This tool is handy on large renovation projects where photographs of existing conditions are documented in the model. You can tag your floor plans showing where the photograph was taken from (that part is manual of course ūüėČ

If you have tried to import images from the Revit Insert tab, you can only do so one at a time. A blackhole for billable time. There is no shift-select process to load in more than one. An added bonus with this app is that you can specify the image dimensions before loading. (Those width and height fields are inches, for those who try the app out.)

One thing that would be nice (seems to be more of a Revit issue and not the app itself)…If you edit an image already loaded in Revit, same file name, in an image editor like Paint, and reload into Revit, it doesn’t overwrite what’s loaded. Revit will create another instance of the image, like so:

  • FileName.JPG
  • FileName.JPG(2)

Not very helpful if you have images already placed on sheets in Revit and you need to tweak them externally. It would be nice to have the option.

Hope you find this useful. There are other interesting apps from CASE I want to try out, but haven’t¬†experimented¬†with yet. When I do, I’ll write about it here.

PS: Be mindful of your image file sizes before loading into Revit.



Return of the Craftsman-o-bot

April 13, 2012

I use to think that we were gradually losing our craftsman in the building industry but what I failed to realize is that our old world craftsmen are being replaced with new world craftbots.

The CNC machine is one example.

I thought you might enjoy this clip I ran across on Architects and Digital Design: that touches on this very aspect

I wonder how long it will be before we start seeing robotics take a more prominent role in field construction.¬† As the cost of robotic units come down I suspect there will be more pressure to replace¬†what most of us consider to be the most expensive part of construction LABOR.¬† Allocated at 60% of the cost of construction this is a sector ripe for innovation.¬† The introduction of robotics in fabrication was the first natural step.¬† The field¬†demolition bot is already here but not to the level of the one in “I robot” and the assembly robot¬†should be¬†next.¬† Hmm, I can’t wait till they come up with¬†a construction superintendent-o-bot.

Smug grin with a mischievous scowl.

Update: 04-15-12

Essential to any worksite – A cleanup Robot :

A Little short but fairly complex motorskills – Looks like it could handle a nail gun, but can you trust it?

And they can climb non-OSHA approved ladders.


Autodesk Wiki – Valuable Resource

April 11, 2012

Launched in February of 2011 the Autodesk WikiHelp is a valuable information and training resource you should take a look at.

Specific applications include Revit

The Video gallery on 2013 is full of clips

Consider being a contributor.


Google Glasses – A step towards a BIM field Interface for Construction

April 5, 2012

One step in the direction of construction field glasses that leverage the B.I.M.

Just lacks a relative perspective overlay but that shouldn’t be too far away.

Here’s a look at the design concept for these specs.

This will take BIM to a whole other level in the field.