Revit Keynoting Alternative

May 7, 2012

Received this from Dave Davies in South Wales, Australia.

It allows users to create bespoke codes and descriptions, which are then automatically created as Revit detailed  component “dots” which are then used to annotate Revit details.

He’s offering a 30 day no obligation free trial of the software to raise awareness.  It’s available to purchase as an annual license.  Looks interesting.  The website ( http://www.ddotsoftware.com/ ) as of this post had no information on cost. 

This clip moves fast and has no voice over, only music, which I found distracting and had to turn off to get a handle on what he was trying to show.

This methodology breaks the bond between the BIM object and the keynote assignment and utilizes a graphical dot as the keynote tag and description holder.  This could lead to incorrectly tagging objects since you are no longer relying on object embedded data.  It does however free you from the current limitations of keynoting, a technique many of us avoid due to those limitations.



One comment

  1. We’re using Revit’s Noteblock feature to do, essentially, the same thing. Our office trys to follow NCS as much as possible. So, we’ve created a Hex generic annotation symbol that’s tied to a Noteblock schedule. With the use of schedule filters and knowing what unchecking “Itemize Every Instance” can do, we can get at the same thing.

    Look up what Matt Miller presented on NCS & Revit on Autodesk University. That’s the idea.

    His related blog post is here:


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