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3D Roof tiles in Revit

July 20, 2012

As Architects and Designers I must say that we have never been happy with the way Revit handles roof tiles.  While a surface applied pattern may work well for roof plans a flat surface has never looked good in 3D views and can often look funny in elevations. I have witnessed other extreme crazy work arounds which range from from placing single tiles to custom array families. All have a tendency to madden ones patience and can takes a hit on performance.

Recently I stumbled upon Jay Holland’s blog: BIM Aficionado and was very pleased when I found his posts on this very subject.  Jay posted an elegant (but not perfect) solution to 3D roof tiles. He has even posted a sample file and families to get us started. You can find his original post here:

It does take practice but his families and methodology work well compared to most other methods.

Image credit to Jay Holland
Happy modeling!


Revit 2013 Update Release 1

July 20, 2012

*** Update 7/23/12. It appears that there may be some minor issues with this update. Please refer to this post for additional information prior to updating. Update Release 1 issues. ***

Thanks to David Light on the heads up this morning on the new update for Revit 2013.

To download visit:

and for Design Suites:

It appears the enhancements are all related to stability and performance.  Also, this is not a complete re-install.