Can you say “Disruptive Innovation”?

July 19, 2013

After the great SARUG meeting and discussion last night, I thought that I would share it with my UofA Architecture discussion group over at LinkedIn.
Here is what I posted. (Your morning coffee read for the day)

Our world is changing. Are you up to it?

I normally do not post or write about our profession, nor do I preach or give my opinions on a forum.  I seldom get up on a soapbox unless specifically asked about something. Those here who know me will agree; however, these past 2 weeks have really been amazing and I just wanted to share.  I have had the opportunity to meet and discuss our industry with many professionals throughout many industries who I really look up to and respect and are doing amazing things around the world .   Along with Architects, Designers and Contractors, I have met software designers who will soon be giving us more tools to play with, I mean “work” with. (Okay, maybe play with too.)

I have just returned from the Revit Technology Conference (RTC – NA) in Vancouver where I was able to hear from some of the most amazing people in our industry as well as discuss the future of Architecture and building with the people who are starting to design and/or implement our new work flows and processes which included software designers, Architects, Contractors, Fabricators and Manufacturers and whole lot of very smart people.

I also found out last week that one of my classes (the “new class”) which introduces new and unique ideas about how to integrate old and new work flows rather than replacing old ones, had been accepted by Autodesk for AU 2013 in Las Vegas.  I have never ‘officially’ presented these ideas and this class has nothing to do with what I normally present.   I found it interesting that my older traditional graphics and Architectural based classs were not accepted. I was also surprised that most of my fellow presenters had not been accepted at all. (Even last year’s number one rated speaker was not invited back this year to present.)

As luck would have it, I as in Vancouver when I found this out and had the chance to discuss this with some of the Autodesk representatives who were there attending the RTC.  I also had a chance to discuss Autodesk’s market positioning and direction regarding the future of our industry in general and how technology and software will impact and/or shape our world as Architects and Designers.

All I can say is…….damn!  Things are really changing, and really fast. Anybody who knows me knows that I am always looking over my shoulder to see what is coming down the from the world of “impossible and impractical”, into my world of “possible”.   I have had my own opinions for the past several years now which I have shared with some of you; however, hearing those opinions being repeated back to me by the people who are actually designing and using them now, really hit me!

If you understand the term, “Disruptive Innovation”, then you understand what I am referring to. As it was repeatedly told to me, you can either embrace it, or keep doing what you are doing. (You may want to think about Kodak while deciding.) The key is to not be one of the “un’s”…..unaware, unable or unwilling.

Just a thought this morning as I enjoy my coffee and photos from Vancouver.


  1. Sorry I was forced to miss last night’s meeting. I was really looking forward to it after so long a wait. I had a job offer that got me back into Revit, and I’m taking a SolidWorks class this Fall at Pima CC.

    See you all at the next one – with some 3D printing experience under my belt – thanks to Gangplank and meetup.com http://www.meetup.com/GangplankTucson/events/129359312/

    • Hi and great to hear that you are backamongst the Revit world. See you at the next meeting. Spread the word. Steven

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