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SARUG Oct 1, 2013 Meeting Details

September 26, 2013

Things are shaping up nicely for our October 1st SARUG meeting (5:30 MST) via the Google Hangout.  I’ll also have the traditional format meeting at GLHN so
for those that want a more “in person” meeting experience just come over to the office.  It might be your last chance to attend to an old fashion meeting.

I’ve tested the Hangout here at home and at GLHN this afternoon and everything appears to be working properly, camera, mic and Youtube feed.

We’ll be doing one final test at GLHN with our remote presenters Varun in New York and Patrick V. from CADSoft in Phoenix on Thursday.

Those of you on Google+ will be able to watch the Live feed via my Google+ profile.  There is about a 30 second delay from the Hangout to Youtube transfer.
If you are not on Google+ you will have to wait until I get the Youtube URL up to the SARUG Blog.

If you want to present via the Hangout you will need to set up a Google+ account and have an operating camera (for your head shot) and a mic setup.  I use a headset, which will be hooked up and available if you plan on presenting from GLHN.  Add me to your Google+ circle and I’ll add you back to the SARUG circle.  Everyone in the SARUG circle will get an invite to the Hangout a few minutes before we air.

Since Varun is operating on New York time he will be up at 5:30 MST / 8:30 EST with Patrick to follow.  We currently have 9 tech items in the lineup to look at.
So if you haven’t sent me the applications you want to intro or to be shown on your behalf you need to send them in before this Sunday, so I can review and organize the presentation sequence.

So to quote that famous American Icon (Larry)…….”Get-er-Done!!”

To refresh your memory on the TECH Slam format.

10-15 sec intro / 5-10 minute Youtube or web clip / 30 sec summary / Q&A
Vendors can do live presentations in their applications, similar time format so we can keep the content flowing and the energy high.
The subject content needs to be software or hardware innovations, preferably related to the AEC industry. The intent here is to blow away the audience, although productivity enhancements gets extra bonus points, so let’s see the good stuff!!!

This will be our last meeting for 2013, we’ll shoot for a January 2014 Hangout to hopefully bring you some A.U. updates.

I’ll send out a quick note Tuesday morning as a final meeting reminder.

Until then, enjoy the Arizona cool down.
Finally it’s so nice outside

Carl ……. (Just hit my 100th post with this notice)