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25 trends with the most substantial impact on architecture

January 19, 2011

Here is a link to an interesting read on the top 25 trends which effect, or will have an effect, on our profession.



BIM Apps

January 17, 2011

A new BIM Blog link has been added to our Revit Blog list dealing specifically with BIM Apps related to Autodesk software products.  Check it out at:



PROJECT PHOTOFLY: 3D models from photos.

December 28, 2010

AU2010 Premier:
“Capturing the reality as-built for various purposes (renovation, energy analysis, add-on design, etc.) is now becoming possible using your standard digital camera thanks to advanced computer vision technologies developed by Autodesk, called Camera Factory, and now made available through Project Photofly

Project Photofly is a technology preview of automatically converting photographs shot around an object or a scene into “Photo Scenes” using the power of cloud computing.

The Photo Scene Editor executable will operate until August 1, 2011.”

Dec 14, 2010: Future Project Photofly Features Mesh Instead of Point Cloud Data



Project Vasari

December 16, 2010

According to Malcom Gladwell’s book, Outliers, mastery of anything can be accomplished in 10,000 hours.
10,000 hours = Magic Number to be an Expert at Anything.

That said Autodesk has released Project Vasari in their Labs and NOW is your chance to hit 10,000 hours before your peers do.

I’ll let the other blogs discuss what Vasari is and the finer points of the program.  But simply put Vasari is a stripped down version of Revit 2011 which is great for conceptual design and early energy analysis.  One great thing about the program is that it will run off a USB thumb drive.

So, the only question now is: Do you have Vasari on your thumb drive?  It’s on mine and has accrued hours of use!

Links not to miss:

– Jake Boen


Project Vasari – Autodesks Answer to Sketchup as a Revit Frontend App.

December 1, 2010

This program looks to be Autodesk’s answer to those Architects that have a death grip on Sketchup.  The program appears to have integrated some Ecotect features as well and apparently is being designed to seamlessly integrate with Revit 2011.  Not sure why AD chose to develop this application separately.  Could be to avoid the code overhead and integration problems trying to work it into the Revit application or possibly to generate a new revenue stream or as a pilot program for Cloud Computing, Revit integration seamed pointless.  It does seam to utilize much of Revit’s in place capabilities.

To view a series of Vasari web casts use this link.

Project Vasari from the Lab

Project Vasari Download (The technology preview will operate until May 15, 2011)



B.I.M. Trends – A Google Perspective

November 22, 2010

Not sure if you’ve had the opportunity to try out Google Trends but this feature allows you to compare historical trends in word searches.  I saw this on a blog comparing ArchiCAD and Revit.  The graph shows an interesting upward trend for Revit in both the Volume Index (top graph) and the News Reference (bottom graph).


News : Only 4 out of 50 UA achitect grads land jobs – Inside Tucson Business – newspaper, business news, opinion, classifieds

May 27, 2010

News : Only 4 out of 50 UA achitect grads land jobs – Inside Tucson Business – newspaper, business news, opinion, classifieds

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