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July 27, 2013

If you want to track down the last user to update a model component in your Revit project or determine who created it you can by simply going to the bottom of the Revit interface screen and selecting the WorkSharing Display button.  At the drop down select “Owners”
Revit-Last User-01

Then hover over the object you want info on.  You should get an info box like this.

Revit-Last User-02

Of course this assumes you are using a central file and worksharing.

Be careful though, over using this capability to point the finger at others can ultimately be your downfall, since Karma has a way of coming around to bite you in the backside.  Always elevate your inquiries to the professional level, seek an explanation and strive to educate, understand and reach a solution that reduces the potential reoccurrence of the problem.

Strive for Temperance


3D Roof tiles in Revit

July 20, 2012

As Architects and Designers I must say that we have never been happy with the way Revit handles roof tiles.  While a surface applied pattern may work well for roof plans a flat surface has never looked good in 3D views and can often look funny in elevations. I have witnessed other extreme crazy work arounds which range from from placing single tiles to custom array families. All have a tendency to madden ones patience and can takes a hit on performance.

Recently I stumbled upon Jay Holland’s blog: BIM Aficionado and was very pleased when I found his posts on this very subject.  Jay posted an elegant (but not perfect) solution to 3D roof tiles. He has even posted a sample file and families to get us started. You can find his original post here:

It does take practice but his families and methodology work well compared to most other methods.

Image credit to Jay Holland
Happy modeling!


Revit 2013 Update Release 1

July 20, 2012

*** Update 7/23/12. It appears that there may be some minor issues with this update. Please refer to this post for additional information prior to updating. Update Release 1 issues. ***

Thanks to David Light on the heads up this morning on the new update for Revit 2013.

To download visit:

and for Design Suites:

It appears the enhancements are all related to stability and performance.  Also, this is not a complete re-install.