3DA Systems – 3D PDF Converter Product review.

January 25, 2014

Just posted a review of this product at Arch-Intel you might want to check out.

The 3D PDF Converter for Revit works as an add-0n and has great potential.

On a simple, new project the program would probably work fine but I hit the performance wall in a number of areas that proved to be shortcomings of the application.

If you group elements in your model, use phases (existing / new) or want to have nested families processed in your 3D PDF then you’ll need to wait for the upgrade.

Expanded review and comparison image in the review link.

Not so 3PDF’d


Jobs Posting

January 18, 2014

It’s nice to know employment opportunities are picking up.  If you have Revit or Civil 3D skills and are looking for a job you should probably check out these positions.  I received these within the last 3 days of this posting date.

Tucson, Arizona: STG Design, is looking for some additional help.  They are looking for a full time employee, Revit proficiency is critical, with at least a few years of experience, mostly dealing with commercial and multifamily residential.  Please contact Leon Westerbeck with STG Design (River and Campbell).  They are looking for help pretty quick.

Leon Westerbeck

Phoenix, Arizona / Albuquerque, New Mexico: We are currently looking for a couple of open positions- a Civil technical specialist here in Phoenix and one in Albuquerque in addition to a Support person. Don Kapetanovic is the hiring manager. He also provided a link below which highlights the jobs.



Tucson, Arizona: Revit modeler/project coordinator/job captain. Right now, it’s temporary work, a 4 month project for the University of Arizona, but it could end up being longer.  Contact Dave Diebold at DesignBuild Collaborative 520.792.0873

Best of Luck


Rendering vs Presentation

November 15, 2013

Thank you Randall!

ArchVision Blog

For years we considered RPC a “rendering” tool, designed to help create photorealistic imagery quickly and easily.  Photorealism was at the core of our DNA.  How deep? The “P” in RPC stands for “Photorealistic” (RPC = Rich Photorealistic Content)! Our ongoing observations of how imagery is created has led us to a broader definition of where and how our products are (or could be) used.  Many more people are creating “Presentations” as opposed to “Renderings”.  What’s the difference?  I think it has less to do with the technical definition than it does the workflow.  In the early days of design visualization someone created a 3D model and then created “renderings” in specialized software like 3dsMax where materials and lighting were painstakingly added to produce an image.  The workflow looked something like 2D Cad > 3D Model > Materials > Lighting > Rendering  where multiple specialists generally assumed roles along that…

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Revit Hatch Patterns – Hatch 22

October 4, 2013

Below is a nice hatch creation tool for Revit

Download the 3 files and place in your C:/ProgramData/Autodesk/Revit/Addins folder and it’ll show up in your Addins ribbon.
Follow the instructions below and its pretty self explanatory.


Thanks Tim Kauffman for this tip.



SARUG Oct 2013 Meeting Followup

October 4, 2013

Well our first Google+ Hangout meeting was a success, except for a few minor tech glitches.  We had one of our best (in face) attendances and the Hangout successfully recorded the event.

Here are the topics/products presented and their timeframe intervals in the YT-clip above.

Varun Singh-Sefaira Concept – Energy / Design Analysis (Time Frame – 0:00)

John Tocci – Revit & Laser Point Cloud Integration (Time Frame 24:20)___

Patrick Villella – Revit 2014 Materials Editors, Cloud Rendering & Panoramas,
Unity- Interactive Walkthroughs (Time Frame 50:00)___

Kirk Cox – BIMLink (Time Frame __ 1:07:00)__

Lumion (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYHVVtdeCas)
Surface Pro II (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B41JhaWea7M)

I’ve provided the links to the last two Youtube clips since they didn’t record that well and we discovered that the G+Hangout can’t see a full screen play of a Youtube clip.

If you would like to learn more about the Sefaira Concept product or have a company presentation you can contact:

Charles M. Crnoevich
Business Development – Americas
Sefaira – Sustainability. Performance. Design.
Tel: 1 646 502 7449
Email: charles.crnoevich@sefaira.com

Much thanks and appreciation is extended to all our Hangout presenters who made that extra effort to be there despite their time zone difference and provide us with an informative, inside look at some great products and workflows.

Also thanks to Steve and Cathy for added refreshments and to all those that made the effort to be there in person.  We had a very positve response to the G+H and will be integrating it into our meeting format; with some meetings being purely online in the G+H, and others being more personal, face to face, at the GLHN (http://glhn.com/) office.

This being our last meeting in 2013, have a great holiday season and we’ll see you in the new year.



SARUG Oct 1, 2013 Meeting Details

September 26, 2013

Things are shaping up nicely for our October 1st SARUG meeting (5:30 MST) via the Google Hangout.  I’ll also have the traditional format meeting at GLHN so
for those that want a more “in person” meeting experience just come over to the office.  It might be your last chance to attend to an old fashion meeting.

I’ve tested the Hangout here at home and at GLHN this afternoon and everything appears to be working properly, camera, mic and Youtube feed.

We’ll be doing one final test at GLHN with our remote presenters Varun in New York and Patrick V. from CADSoft in Phoenix on Thursday.

Those of you on Google+ will be able to watch the Live feed via my Google+ profile.  There is about a 30 second delay from the Hangout to Youtube transfer.
If you are not on Google+ you will have to wait until I get the Youtube URL up to the SARUG Blog.

If you want to present via the Hangout you will need to set up a Google+ account and have an operating camera (for your head shot) and a mic setup.  I use a headset, which will be hooked up and available if you plan on presenting from GLHN.  Add me to your Google+ circle and I’ll add you back to the SARUG circle.  Everyone in the SARUG circle will get an invite to the Hangout a few minutes before we air.

Since Varun is operating on New York time he will be up at 5:30 MST / 8:30 EST with Patrick to follow.  We currently have 9 tech items in the lineup to look at.
So if you haven’t sent me the applications you want to intro or to be shown on your behalf you need to send them in before this Sunday, so I can review and organize the presentation sequence.

So to quote that famous American Icon (Larry)…….”Get-er-Done!!”

To refresh your memory on the TECH Slam format.

10-15 sec intro / 5-10 minute Youtube or web clip / 30 sec summary / Q&A
Vendors can do live presentations in their applications, similar time format so we can keep the content flowing and the energy high.
The subject content needs to be software or hardware innovations, preferably related to the AEC industry. The intent here is to blow away the audience, although productivity enhancements gets extra bonus points, so let’s see the good stuff!!!

This will be our last meeting for 2013, we’ll shoot for a January 2014 Hangout to hopefully bring you some A.U. updates.

I’ll send out a quick note Tuesday morning as a final meeting reminder.

Until then, enjoy the Arizona cool down.
Finally it’s so nice outside

Carl ……. (Just hit my 100th post with this notice)


SARUG – Happenings

August 17, 2013

SARUG Outreach

SARUGer’s are constantly stretching their boundaries, sharing their experiences, perspectives and knowledge.  This free flow of information serves to benefit all and in this rapidly changing world, hopefully makes someones life a little easier.  So here’s your opportunity to see what some of our more active members are up to.

Steven : Blog

Andrew : Blog

Jake : Website/Blog

Carl : Website / Blog

SARUG Meeting

Our next SARUG meeting, in October, will be a TECH SLAM.
Presenters get to do a:

…10-15 sec intro
…5-10 minute Youtube or web clip
…30 sec summary with additional info, if needed

The subject content will be software or hardware innovations, preferably related to the AEC industry.

As the keeper of the intinerary, I can tell you there’s going to be some really cool stuff shown and well get those links up to the blog in our summary.


SARUG Blog Updates:
The following blog posts have been updated with current info.