May 2010 Meeting Recap

May 27, 2010

Well I have good news and bad news regarding our May Meeting.

The bad news first:

Despite my best efforts and successfully pretesting the recording, the computer failed to record the audio portion of the presentation by Chuck so I won’t have post of our May meeting for the SARUG Channel.  Unfortunate since this was one of our better meetings.  I’ll be trouble shooting this again to determine what may have gone wrong.

All the more reason to attend the meetings.

Also Leslie Tom will be leaving to pursue a masters degree at Berkley so she will be away for two years.  We’ll miss her 😦

The good news now:

Kirk Cox has graduated from the College of Architecture with his Bachelor’s degree (Congrats Kirk) and has set up the skeleton for the SARUG Blog (which you are reading now).

We will be working to utilize this forum for our group communications and document posts.  Also we will be phasing out our email notices as this forum matures so you will want to subscribe to the RSS feed once it’s in place.

TSI was mentioned during Chuck’s presentation as a provider of software technology they utilize for translation of the

Revit model for production.  Chris Perry from CADSoft provided the these links for more info. on this technology.  With this Youtube you get a sense of some of the power of the BIM model.

If you missed this meeting it was a good one.  I would like to extend a thanks from the SARUG group to Sun Mechanical for hosting our meeting and providing great food (Baggins) and spacious accommodations and to Chuck for his time in preparing and presenting to the group and taking us on a tour of their production facility.  Very interesting.  Several members of the group expressed their appreciation after the meeting for the tour.  We hope to meet there again in the future.

Our next meeting will be June 24th at CADsoft.  They will be covering the new features of Revit Architecture & MEP 2011.

Thanks to all the faithful that attend the meetings.  Your input and dialog help make these gatherings informative and interesting,  not to mention the comic relief provided by some members.

Until next month.


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